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Return of Crazy Kristen


So Vain in Solvang

S7/EP10 |
Aired: February 11, 2019
Lala shows her girlfriends a glimpse of the good life when she takes them to Solvang on a private jet. Jax looks forward to an epic boys’ night with Sandoval and Schwartz, but first Brittany brings Jax to therapy to deal with his past infidelities. 43:23

Tom and Tommer

S7/EP9 |
Aired: February 4, 2019
Lisa Vanderpump entrusts Sandoval and Schwartz with major responsibility as they scramble to get TomTom ready for its opening event, but Kristen is devastated when she learns she’s not allowed to come. 43:24

A Housewarming Divided

S7/EP8 |
Aired: January 28, 2019
The group journeys to Marina del Rey for Scheana's housewarming. Ariana erupts on Tom for gossiping to the guys about her past romantic encounters with women, and Lisa Vanderpump finally reveals the fully finished TomTom to a giddy Sandoval and Schwartz. 43:24

Girls' Night In

S7/EP7 |
Aired: January 21, 2019
Katie convinces Lisa to let her host a “Girls’ Night In” party on James’s former night, but Billie Lee lashes out at Katie for not including her in the planning. Stassi creates her own personal holiday: National Outfit of the Day Day. 43:24

Love Thy Mother

S7/EP6 |
Aired: January 14, 2019
Stassi struggles to make amends with Beau after her birthday meltdown. Jax causes trouble at a SUR staff meeting, and the Toms present their cocktails to Lisa in hopes of getting them on the TomTom menu. 43:23

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